Soul-Centered Coaching

SoulSHIFT Sessions
with Horse
Reclaim Your Soul's Magnificence

What's Standing Between You and
your Power, Purpose, Passion & Playfulness?!

What's Blocking your Next Grandest Vision
for Your Life Adventure?

The Horses are asking each of us to clear the Blocks to our Brilliance so we may lead Powerful, Purpose-filled lives overflowing with Passion & Playfulness. From this Space of Pregnant Possibilities, your options are Limitless and life unfolds with Grace & Ease.

The Phone Healing Session with You is One of the Highlights of my
20+ years Spiritual and Personal Development Journey

“Dr. Jenn, I’m truly mesmerized and quite amazed by the healing session you facilitated with me. The profound impact it has on my healing process is most incredible.

The images and instruction I bring from the healing and have incorporated in my daily meditation, to help heal my early emotional wounds, are not only personally appropriate, they are effective in maintaining my emotional strength on a daily basis.

Thanks so much – I recommend to anyone who really wants to move forward and live more in their power to begin working with you today! In fact, I'm so happy with our session together, I’m giving my Sister a gift to have a session with you.”

~ W. Jane Robinson,  Author, The Divine Declaration – Awaken to Your Divine Inner Power, Your Life Depends On It


Back in graduate school, when I was having an off day, I used to lament, "I lost my sparkle."


Little did I know that because of old core wounds, energetic blocks, and limiting beliefs, I had left behind precious pieces of myself. Without those pieces, I was simply a shell of the person Who I Came Here to Be- blocked from the Brilliance I came here to embody.

And yet, it's the same for each of us:
Challenging situations in our past created wounds,
which we have often buried,
along with some of our most amazing gifts, tools, and abilities.

The Result?

Struggle, lack, limitation, and obstacles to health, well-being, success and prosperity everywhere we look!

Life wasn't supposed to be so hard!

Nope- Life is meant to be an adventure-filled journey of awe, delight, abundance, joy and love!

And the Horses want you to have YOU back- all of you, all of the grandest, most beautiful parts of you. Because your Gifts are needed to uplift others!

So, it's time for a Shift. A SoulSHIFT!!! A Soul Level Healing that gives you back to your True Self.

And that's just what a SoulSHIFT Session is designed to give you:
A doorway back to your Real Soul Self.

A SoulSHIFT Session is a unique, powerful body-centered, energetic healing process which will guide you to your place of Deepest Wisdom Within.

From there we'll:

~ Identify the Blocks that stand between you and your Magnificence,

~ Dissolve
these Obstacles to Who You Really Are,

~ Heal Core Issues & Wounded Relationships, and

~ Reclaim your hidden Gifts, Abilities, and Brilliance.

And because this isn't just a talk session, it's an Experiential Healing Process, you'll anchor transformation on a cellular and energetic level, making lasting changes in your day to day life easier and more effective.

You'll leave with new Tools, Symbols, and Insights that you can begin to embody on a daily basis- integrating profound shifts & creating waves of awakening to your Best Self and Grandest Life.

The session is accomplished with the intuitive guidance and enegretic assistance of my Healing Herd, the Spirit Horse Herd, your own Healing and Horse Guides, and other Ascended Beings of Highest Assistance!


These sessions last up to 1.5 hours and can be done beside our Healing Horse Herd here at the ranch, along with your own Horse at your location, or by phone where the Spirit Horse Herd will join us- all are effective in promoting deep, lasting transformation.

Healing Investment

Initial session, $125, check or credit card via PayPal

45-min Follow-up Phone Sessions: $85

Or Save $40 when you buy a 4 pack! 1 Initial session & 3 Follow Up sessions, $340

Call or email today for your free 20 minute consultation to see how
a Soul Sparkle Session can help you find Your Sparkle!

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