Has Horse Been Calling You?

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  Equi-Heart Pledge *
A 30-Day Global Heart Experiment with Horse

Equi Heart PledgeWhat would happen if you connected with
the Wisdom of Horse for 30 days straight?

What information, inspiration, or healing
would Horse offer you?

How would your life transform?

Find out Now!
Join the Healing Horse Herd and the Spirit Herd for
a 30-day Global Heart experiment


Tune into last year's Pledge where there are 30+ Wisdom Horse Videos,
the result of Dr. Jenn tuning into the Herd once a day for a month!

Discover the wisdom messages and energy healings the herd has for you!

Visit the Equi-Heart Pledge now to get started: Here

Then join us next year for the second annual * Equi-Heart Pledge to
deepen your soul's healing transformation with Horse!

The 2013 * Equi-Heart Pledge begins November 2013- Stay Tuned!
Connect with the Heart of Horse once a day for 30 days to tune into the Wisdom of Horse for personal Guidance, Inspiration, or Information. Then, connect with our online community of authors and horse lovers to see what Horse has offered to others each day. Plus, add your own inspiration from Horse to the dialogue!

Horse wants to partner with YOU to uplift your life!

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