Journey Ride
Guided Meditation to Reclaim Your Magnificence!

At this pivotal point in Humanity’s evolution, you are being called to Step into your Best Self, to serve the Higher Whole with your Blessings and Talents. 

And yet, so many of us remain stuck, disempowered, or blocked from our real Greatness.

The time has come to reclaim your Magnificence,
to release what no longer serves,
and to take back your Power & your Gifts!

On this magical guided journey, your brother Horse, will accompany you on a Mythical Mountain Quest to cleanse and clear the obstacles and baggage that dim your Brilliance. 

As a form of experiential healing, you’ll access your Body’s Highest Wisdom to heal the blocks in your energy field, dissolving limiting beliefs and old wounds.

Along the way, you’ll heal your heart and retrieve Ancient Soul Gifts & Tools which will Empower you to move forward on your Soul’s Rightful Path with Power, Passion, and Playfulness.

Gift yourself this SOULful JOURNEY as a tool
to Awaken your Deeper Power,
Ignite your Delicious Radiance, &
Anchor your Divine Well-Being today!

Meditation Information

downloadable MP3 file

55 minutes, Guided Healing visualization by Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D.

Music: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod.

Includes: Journey Ride Coaching Notes (Downloadable PDF), so you can make notes on your inner transformation to use in expanding your own healing work between uses of the meditation. Also includes Coaching Questions to deepen your healing.

Suggested Use: Quarterly, to deepen your healing and spark your next level of soul-ful adventure.

Healing Investment: $9.99

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Guided Meditation