Guided Healing Meditations
Transformation through the Heart of Horse

Our guided meditations aren't just relaxing and inspiring to listen to, they are designed as full mind-body healing sessions with the Spirit Horse Herd!

No matter which inner journey you select, you'll join with the energy of Horse, and be guided on a healing adventure where you will access places of stuck energy, habits, and blocks in your body, where they have been holding you back, so that you can transform and release old patterns that no longer serve you.

Then you'll be guided to actually feel and claim new energies in your body, which will aid you in expressing Who You Really Are, so you can share your Gifts with the world!

All meditations are created by intuitively accessing the Spirit Horse Herd and bringing forth the energy, processes, and wisdom they wish to share with you now. And because they work with energy in your body, they create far more powerful shifts than simple guided mind meditations! Plus, you've got the Spirit of Horse working with you!

So, come on for a joyful ride and join with the Herd to power up your life. Here's to your magical transformation through the Heart of Horse.

*All meditations are downloadable MP3 files so you can begin right away!


Journey Ride Meditation: Guided Meditation to Reclaim Your Magnificence!

Gift yourself this 55 min soul-ful ride to dissolve your blocks and retrieve your innate gifts & tools. $9.95

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Wisdom Horse: Accessing Your Wisdom Within with Horse

Experience this powerful entry point into your own inner wisdom and soon, you'll be able to access the Wisdom of Horse any time you choose! 14 min, only $3.33

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COMING SOON! Spirit Quest: Journeys with Jasper

A series of 6 monthly meditations designed to help you powerfully clear old patterns, stand more fully in your power, and embody your Gifts, with our dear helper Horse, so you can spark fuller levels of well-being, deepen your spiritual journey, and live the Whole-Hearted Life of your Soul Path..





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